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Concerning human health, emission reduction and energy saving of industry and commerce, carbon neutrality

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Professional training and management guidance to make your investment safe and reliable

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Agents can return and exchange products to provide lifetime protection

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Full range of marketing support system, consulting professional operation guidance
Let your business worry free, development more competitive.

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The product

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Product advantages

Subvert the industry concept: change the principle of scale inhibition, fundamentally eliminate the generation of scale; Solve the world's problems! The product fills the new blank in the field of scale inhibition technology.

Under the same conditions, the scale inhibition rate of 99.99% is only 0.5ppm, and the traditional scale inhibitors on the market need at least 20-120ppm.

Food grade, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless to human body; very stable physical and chemical properties; neutral pH value; no secondary pollution

The special molecular structure does not affect the scale inhibition efficiency under high pH value and high temperature environment (below 200℃)

Effectively prevent pipeline corrosion, inter-crystal corrosion, stress corrosion, pitting corrosion, corrosion under scale, microbial corrosion, etc.

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